October Bullet Journal

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Good afternoon!! Yes, you'd be right in thinking I'm back on the bullet journal grind again, I haven't done an update in agessss but I definitely want to share this with you - I recreated yet another Amanda Rach Lee spread and I'm just so happy with how it came out, I love it so much.

My title page is, like I said, a recreation of Amanda Rach Lee's, with the moon phases as the main theme, I've not done a monochrome theme since I started bullet journalling and I really like how it came out! 

My calendar is once again the normal spread I like to go for, I like this way of doing the monthly log and again love the monochrome white on black theme - it's very spoopy and Halloween-y and I really love it! I changed up my stats tracker again because dedicating a whole page to it made me a bit depressed but I liked tracking all my stats and not just my YouTube so I made it a bit smaller and popped it in this section instead. I've also ditched my monthly goals - I think it's a bit detrimental to me too so not going to keep with that.

So what did I do with the extra space, you ask?! Well, I kept my content ideas page and used the extra space for a schedule as well, attempting to keep on top of content and making sure I actually update my socials! It's just a trial but we'll see how it goes this month and if we can carry it on!

I did pretty much the same for my expense tracker as always - I still am planning that post on how I track my finances at university, don't worry! Once again used the white on black theme and loved it as I did all the rest.

I spoke about how I changed my weekly spread up ages ago but I'm still using this layout, I love how much space it gives me on each day but also some space in to jot down things going on and things going on the week after just in case. I also ditched my water tracker as honestly it was just making me feel bad about how much water I don't drink - maybe not such a good thing but I'm definitely going to get it back on track soon!

Aaaaand that brings us to the end of this month's layout! I reaaaaally love it so hopefully it'll motivate me to actually use it properly and effectively this month - it's a busy one so will definitely have to stay organised.

Product list:
- Leuchtturm 1917 dotted a5 journal
- Tombow fudenosuke pen (soft tip)
- Faber Castell ecco pigment pen 0.3mm
- Uniball white gel pen

What do your bullet journals look like this month?

Em xx

So, I Started Third Year | Honest Life Update

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Okay, so if you DON'T follow me on Twitter (and if you're not, then really, what is wrong with you???) then you won't know and won't have been incessantly irritated by my constant going on about starting my third and final year of my undergrad degree!

I started writing this blogpost about a week ago, but things have been slightly turbulent since then so I thought I'd give you a shortie little honest life update rather than sugarcoating my first couple weeks back at uni. Don't get me wrong, the workload hasn't piled up much so far apart from a few books to read but it's more my mental health. I should've seen it coming - I am not the kind of person who deals well with change, I don't like feeling out of control and that's pretty much all I've felt for the past couple of weeks. There's been people and situations I've been avoiding which is getting harder to do and harder to deal with and honestly, I've been romanticising the idea of working myself into the ground this year more than I need to and I think I'm just going to try and take a step back and start being a bit more sensible. I don't think the nonstop rain in Manchester recently has been helping and the SAD is definitely kicking in now but hey, I'm pretty used to that - it always gets like this at this point in the year.

However, there are a couple of positives from the last couple of weeks too! I started uni properly and have had at least one class for all my modules now which has been good and set me a little more at ease now that I actually know what I'm supposed to be doing. I've also taken the plunge finally and joined the mountaineering society at university - I was part of athletics in first year but never really felt like I belonged as it was a very elitist group, but I felt like I settled right in with the climbers, it's such a chill activity and literally no one cares if you're a bit crap which feels really good. They're a lovely, down-to-earth bunch and I felt at home from the first session - kind of can't wait to go back every week now! I've not done the society thing properly at uni and kind of wish I hadn't left it right till third year now!

I also thought I'd mention that I went to see Malory Towers on stage at HOME theatre this weekend! My mum, a family friend and my sisters both came up for it and while it's the craziest, most bizarre production I've ever seen I loved every bit of it, so much nostalgia was felt and it was lovely to spend time with the family which I hardly get to do at uni.

Getting back into the swing of it is hard but like I said on the Instagram story - we're gonna get there because that's what we do over here!

Em xx

Unseen Bits // 5th - 11th August

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Okay so HI. It's time for another Unseen Bits post where I tell you about all the stuff that happened in my week around what you see on social media. The week in this post (yes, I am SO aware that this was several weeks ago but life has been less than ideal recently - please forgive me) was actually spent up in Manchester hanging out with my pals there, so while I don't have a lot of pictures I do have some updates. Also, I promise I will get better at detailing this closer to the time rather than needing several months to pull it together...promise.

An early(ish) start to jump on the 11.50 train up north! So very exciting. I decided to head back up just for a break, to see my friends and just to have a bit of fun before heading back to work. Monday was mostly spent travelling and then spending the night at a "friend's" house...wink wink. One of our other housemates Lewis had moved into our house at this point too so seeing him was lovely.

Was, I think, the laziest day I've had in a very long time. I spent it at my "friend's" house eating lasagna and ice cream and just being lazy, which, like I said, I haven't done in a long long time so it felt good to not have any pressure to do anything for a whole day.

 Wednesday started bright and early with a doctor's appointment at 8.30. I saw the doctor a while ago with symptoms of anaemia and had some blood tests so I finally managed to get an appointment to discuss the results of those tests. In short, I have folate-deficiency and iron-deficiency anaemia so am on a few months of medication for both, after which we're going to sort out a diet/nutrition plan to see if I can make the numbers up myself rather than having to stay on medication because that shit?? is expensive. £18 for a folic acid and ferrous sulphate prescription? I think not.

The work on our new floor in our student house began on Wednesday as the builders had to come and level it, so Rhiannon and I popped into town to have a gander and drop into the Waterstones cafe (our haunt) for a nice lil catchup over coffee before she caught a train to see her boyfriend and I headed home to see the same "friend".

 I'm beginning to realise what a lazy week this "friend" hung out alllll day Thursday with me and stayed Thursday night too so naturally we did very little for a whole day, except cook a monster of a macaroni cheese (I'm telling you, it was insanely good).

My "friend" said goodbye to me for another month :( and I hopped back on a train down south to get ready for working at the weekend. I began reading An Edited Life which I got for my birthday and will be in a "books I read recently" post soon but for now just know that I'm definitely enjoying it and I think I'm definitely feeling like my life is in need of a good pulling together (anyone else feeling like this atm or is it just me...?)

Oh this day was fun. That was said very sarcastically as I headed back to my little farm cafe job on the 10th - I love working there so much but god it's a tiring job (I can firmly say nearly a week and a few more shifts later I'm exhausted) so Saturday called for a lot of patience and a lot of coffee.

It was this day that I realised I should not be working on a sprained ankle...I was sent home early on Saturday as it had decided to swell up again and Sunday called for an icing on the kitchen floor at about's gradually getting better but being on my feet every day isn't helping so much!!

What are your unseen bits recently?

Em xx

Books I've Read Recently

I haven't done a literature post in a while! I've been really enjoying getting back into reading for pleasure (English degrees teach you how not to do that) and I thought I'd give you a little run down of the books I've read recently.

Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pierce
This interesting read. I'm not going to say I totally enjoyed it, but also not that I didn't at all, I'm really on the fence about it. Set in 1941, it details the story of Emmeline Lake, who inadvertently takes a job as a typist on a women's advice magazine, and starts answering some of the letters herself, which her boss doesn't want to know about. It took me a while to get through, I have to say, and the plot felt a little fuzzy in some areas and to be honest, the ending was a bit of a let down for me. But, that being said, I enjoyed the character development a lot and I definitely got an excellent sense of being lost in the book and feeling really engrossed in their world. I do love historical fiction and I liked how funny it was but I do think the plot got very lost here and there.

Don't You Forget About Me by Mhairi MacFarlane
This is a book I can categorically say I didn't enjoy. It's the story of chaotic Georgina Horspool who gets fired from her job and finds her boyfriend cheating on her all in the same night, and the fallout from these incidences as she finds another job where her boss is her high school "love of her life". I'm going to be completely honest - I like a book where I either adamantly like or dislike the main character, and I just felt totally indifferent towards Georgina. I didn't care what happened to her, she annoyed me at times and the entire plot was just...too much. There was way too much going on in all the characters' lives and I just felt the actual story fell totally flat between them. A 2/10 for me really.

Wilde About The Girl by Louise Pentland
Okay, finally we're getting a bit more uplifting. I read the first in Louise's Wilde series, Wilde Like Me over a year ago and just never got round to reading the second when it was released, but I was looking for something new and this caught my eye as I remember really enjoying Wilde Like Me. The third and final in the trilogy has just been released, actually, so in preparation for it to come out in paperback I decided to pick up the second. And boy did it NOT disappoint - every bit as charming and funny and lighthearted as the first, except this time dealing with the hard-hitting topic of miscarriages. When I tell you I cried, I really mean it - I was sobbing while reading on one of our NCS fundraising days and my team were actually concerned for me. It's really rare that a book makes me cry - films are a different story, but books don't tend to make me cry that much but this had me.  I loved every second of it.

Still Me by Jojo Moyes
GAH. I picked this up yonks ago in Waterstones because I didn't know it was out in paperback and pretty much screamed when I saw it was. Anyway, I finally got around to sitting down and reading it and when I say I read it over three days, I seriously mean it. It's had me hooked on my work lunch breaks, before bed, in the mornings, when I get home from work. You name a time, I've been reading it. Now listen - I LOVE Jojo Moyes. I have most of her books and adored every single one, save for the second in this series. It just fell flat. But this?? Oh, this lifted the entire series and ended it on the best note possible. It details Louisa's life after she's left for New York (spoilers for the second - sorry!) and the trials and tribulations she goes through while in a completely new part of her life. Jojo Moyes' books aren't your typical romance-y chick lit - I always finish them feeling like I've had some epiphany and gained some new perspective and inner peace in my life and this was no different. Big, big recommendation if you were also disappointed by the second book.

Two good and two not so good ones this time round!! Have you read any of these books and if so, what did you think? Or, what have you been reading recently?

Em xx

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