2020 & January Bullet Journal!!!

Friday, 10 January 2020

OMG pals!!! Here it is - the 2020 bullet journal update!!! Be excited because I sure as hell am.

So, I made some changes this year. Firstly, I've got an entire new journal. There wasn't enough space in my last one to make it a satisfying end so I thought hey, let's start a new one. Plus, the yellow cover was getting very grubby, and I was really ready to move onto something else this year. I was going to get a new Leuchtturm but I'll be honest with you, I've been slightly disappointed with them recently. The paper of them is rather thin and I was noticing my pens were just bleeding through the paper way too easily, so I went on the hunt for a new brand with thicker, better quality paper but not too expensive.

Lo and behold, I landed on this beautiful lilac one from Stationery Island. It's still A5, still dotted, but the paper is 120gsm so feels more like card than paper, and feels very smooth and lovely to use. I also got my hands on some black paper too which I've been wanting to play with for so. long. and I really think I've surpassed myself with this spread. I've also really dialled things back this year and taken it right back to basics - I haven't put anything in there I won't use, for example my goals, memories and ideas pages just went to waste last year and while they're nice to have there's no point having them without using them so I've ditched them and literally just put in a year at a glance and a future log and I'm really, really happy with how it's turned out and I hope it'll be much more productive to me this year. I kept it really simple with a black, white and grey theme and didn't overcomplicate anything too much. The idea is that all those other bits, the more emotional, personal stuff is going in my new journal, and this is purely to keep me organised this year.

For my January spread, I've gone for some kind of star/flower theme, I really don't know what it is, I just started doodling and didn't stop but I do love how it's come out. Again, super simple and just the pages I'll actually end up using so just my calendar and expense tracker. I did add my habit tracker in again, which I haven't used in ages but I think I'm going to try again with it and see what I can do. Then just heading straight on into my weekly spreads and that's pretty much it.

I sort of fell out of love with bullet journalling at the end of last year but I'm really hoping I can stick with it this year and make it something I love doing again - organisation and time management is high on my list of priorities this year so hopefully my bullet journal will keep that going and be a healthy and wholesome way of keeping myself in check!!

~ products used ~
✨ Stationery Island lilac a5 dotted journal
✨ Tombow dual brush pens
✨ Tombow fudenosuke soft tip brush pen
✨ Pigma Micron fineliners (0.3mm, 0.5mm and graphic pen)
✨ Crayola supertips
✨ Uniball white gel pen 0.3mm

What do your 2020 bullet journals look like?

Approaching New Year Slightly Differently

Saturday, 4 January 2020

So here's the thing - I've never really been one for goal setting. I don't know if you guys who've stuck around a while can tell. A list of things to try and achieve has always put me off trying to achieve anything really, and to be honest, I think that's where I've been going wrong for the past twenty years. You see, I put way too much pressure on myself to meet goals if they're very specific, for example number goals, or career goals, or money goals. There will come a time in my life where I think I'll need to have goals like that but friends, that time is 100% not now.

So let me tell you how I'm approaching the New Year slightly differently this time round. I was off to a good start last year when I said I was going to try and stick to a 'life motto' of trying harder but I also think that was a little too broad. This year, I'm trying to find a happy medium between the two and that all starts with an outlook change. In my eyes, anyway. Maybe I'm spurred on this time round not just because it's a new year, but an entire new decade - and let's be real, if you can't change yourself for a new decade, when can you?

So Emilia, what is this new outlook you're talking about? Well friends, that is simply not giving a fuck. You may have read the genius book by Sarah Knight named "The Life-Changing Art Of Not Giving A Fuck" and I am currently reading it, and decided that it's basically the best thing I've ever read and I definitely need to start employing these techniques into my life. It also comes along with the realisation that there are a lot of things in my life that I worry about, care about or stress over way more than I should, and things that do deserve that stress but don't get enough of it because I'm too busy worrying about other things. Does that make sense? So along with giving less of a fuck, I'm going to start being more mindful (zen is the word I've been using a lot recently) and apply worry, stress and fucks where they are needed, and take them away from where they're wasted.

This comes hand in hand with a newfound interest in the law of attraction, manifestation and general interest in mindfulness and meditation and I think I'd really like to learn more about these techniques and methods and start using them in my day-to-day life. I'm also going to try the Full Potential Challenge, where essentially you just look after yourself and see what you can achieve when you're at full potential - I really let myself go in December and as a result have some health problems I need to try and tackle before they spiral any further and I have to go to the GP (no thanks) and I think it was definitely a wake-up call I needed to just get a bit healthier really so that's also on the list.

The full potential also comes along with trying a bit more to be fully myself - and this for sure means my outward aesthetic. I've been wanting to explore my personal style for so long now, lusting after dreamy clothes and fashion on Instagram and I've decided 2020 is going to be my year to finally grow the balls to wear the clothes I actually want to wear rather than hiding away. It also means going out with gold stars and glitter on my eyes if I really want to. I'll be trying to share this more on my Instagram (which has been so inactive recently and as a result I lost like a hundred followers).

2019 brought a lot of growth and change for me - I went through heartbreak, lost a once close friend (for the right reasons though) and had some very down days indeed, but I also found the healthiest relationship I've had with another human for a long time, moved in with my best friends (best decision I have ever made) and learned to be much more open and honest about my feelings and who I am rather than hiding my bad bits because I'd convinced myself people wouldn't love me as much for them. On the contrary, sharing my bad bits has brought me closer to the most important people in my life and opening up is something I will continue to do in 2020.

Bring it on.

Em xx

Let's Talk About The Election

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Well my friends, here we are. 15th December 2019 and we have just voted in the Conservative Party for the next five years. I thought I would take some time just to reflect on the past 72 hours, everything that's happened and everything that will happen. 

In case you've been living under a rock, the UK held a General Election on Thursday, and at about 7am on Friday morning a Tory majority of 80 seats was announced, and millions of us around the country had our hearts collectively shattered. You all know how into politics I am - it was piqued during the lead-up to the 2016 EU referendum and I make no secret of the fact that I am a pro-Europe, pro-Labour activist and I have a big, big socialist heart - and none of us saw this coming.

You see, a lot of my campaigning takes place on Twitter and I think I - along with many people I know - locked myself into an echo chamber of sorts, where I convinced myself that we represented the majority of the country and there was no way the Tories would take home a win this time around. I'd truly convinced myself that we had made a difference on an enormous scale. I spent Friday in mourning, you could say, in utter despair that it's come to this and this is what we've sentenced ourselves to for the next five years. People wanted change, but it won't happen with this government. Or it will, but not for the right reasons and not in the right way.

Everyone has their different opinions, yes, but the figures don't lie. We have had this government since 2010. Nine years we've suffered austerity and cuts to public services. 130,000 needless deaths have happened due to austerity put in place by this government. There has been a 165% increase in rough sleepers and homeless citizens since 2010. There is a record 4.1million children living in poverty. There's been cuts to mental health, with a 30% loss in mental health beds. We have lost 20,000 police officers, and gained 2000 foodbanks. A&E waiting times are at their highest ever, with patients sleeping in corridors waiting for treatment.

We live in a post-truth era, where elections and campaigns are fought with lies, misinformation and deliberate misleading of voters but unfortunately the numbers above don't lie, and I could go on but I think you get the idea now. Conservative voters from Thursday are on record saying they voted Tory for change but the statistics above are all direct results from a Tory government. The Tories will not fix the mess they made, but they will first drag us out of the EU and then make it worse.

It is very easy, especially when you are an active campaigner, to think that you don't make a difference. It's easy to think you are just getting ignored and you are shouting into a void and arguing with a brick wall - but now is not the time to give up. We must reflect on what went wrong and change things. The Labour Party had a beautiful manifesto, a vision of a country I desperately wanted to live in, and whether it takes five or fifteen years that country can be ours - we just can't give up on it now. If anything, this is the time to get louder.

So I will be continuing my pro-EU activism, I will begin campaigning for the electoral reform that we desperately need, I will start donating to foodbanks, buying food for the homeless man I see every day outside Sainsbury's, and using this blog to talk more about politics and the changes I will be making in my life to try my best to ease this shock for the people who needed Labour. You see - there's a good chance I will be fine. I come from a middle-class family and a well-off area of the country. I am white and non-religious and my privilege allows me to not have to worry too much about the result of this election. But while my life won't necessarily change all that much, the lives of the 14.3million people in poverty, the lives of the Muslim communities, the LGBTQ+A, the lives of single mums, of ethnic minorities - they are the lives that will change due to this election result and that's who I'm fighting for, that's who I'm worried most about.

I really hope you will join me. I hope you will use your disappointment and your anger, take it and channel it into helping the people the government will inevitably refuse to. We mustn't be disheartened - this is the beginning of something truly great.

I hope you're with me. 🌹

Em xx

October Bullet Journal

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Good afternoon!! Yes, you'd be right in thinking I'm back on the bullet journal grind again, I haven't done an update in agessss but I definitely want to share this with you - I recreated yet another Amanda Rach Lee spread and I'm just so happy with how it came out, I love it so much.

My title page is, like I said, a recreation of Amanda Rach Lee's, with the moon phases as the main theme, I've not done a monochrome theme since I started bullet journalling and I really like how it came out! 

My calendar is once again the normal spread I like to go for, I like this way of doing the monthly log and again love the monochrome white on black theme - it's very spoopy and Halloween-y and I really love it! I changed up my stats tracker again because dedicating a whole page to it made me a bit depressed but I liked tracking all my stats and not just my YouTube so I made it a bit smaller and popped it in this section instead. I've also ditched my monthly goals - I think it's a bit detrimental to me too so not going to keep with that.

So what did I do with the extra space, you ask?! Well, I kept my content ideas page and used the extra space for a schedule as well, attempting to keep on top of content and making sure I actually update my socials! It's just a trial but we'll see how it goes this month and if we can carry it on!

I did pretty much the same for my expense tracker as always - I still am planning that post on how I track my finances at university, don't worry! Once again used the white on black theme and loved it as I did all the rest.

I spoke about how I changed my weekly spread up ages ago but I'm still using this layout, I love how much space it gives me on each day but also some space in to jot down things going on and things going on the week after just in case. I also ditched my water tracker as honestly it was just making me feel bad about how much water I don't drink - maybe not such a good thing but I'm definitely going to get it back on track soon!

Aaaaand that brings us to the end of this month's layout! I reaaaaally love it so hopefully it'll motivate me to actually use it properly and effectively this month - it's a busy one so will definitely have to stay organised.

Product list:
- Leuchtturm 1917 dotted a5 journal
- Tombow fudenosuke pen (soft tip)
- Faber Castell ecco pigment pen 0.3mm
- Uniball white gel pen

What do your bullet journals look like this month?

Em xx

So, I Started Third Year | Honest Life Update

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Okay, so if you DON'T follow me on Twitter (and if you're not, then really, what is wrong with you???) then you won't know and won't have been incessantly irritated by my constant going on about starting my third and final year of my undergrad degree!

I started writing this blogpost about a week ago, but things have been slightly turbulent since then so I thought I'd give you a shortie little honest life update rather than sugarcoating my first couple weeks back at uni. Don't get me wrong, the workload hasn't piled up much so far apart from a few books to read but it's more my mental health. I should've seen it coming - I am not the kind of person who deals well with change, I don't like feeling out of control and that's pretty much all I've felt for the past couple of weeks. There's been people and situations I've been avoiding which is getting harder to do and harder to deal with and honestly, I've been romanticising the idea of working myself into the ground this year more than I need to and I think I'm just going to try and take a step back and start being a bit more sensible. I don't think the nonstop rain in Manchester recently has been helping and the SAD is definitely kicking in now but hey, I'm pretty used to that - it always gets like this at this point in the year.

However, there are a couple of positives from the last couple of weeks too! I started uni properly and have had at least one class for all my modules now which has been good and set me a little more at ease now that I actually know what I'm supposed to be doing. I've also taken the plunge finally and joined the mountaineering society at university - I was part of athletics in first year but never really felt like I belonged as it was a very elitist group, but I felt like I settled right in with the climbers, it's such a chill activity and literally no one cares if you're a bit crap which feels really good. They're a lovely, down-to-earth bunch and I felt at home from the first session - kind of can't wait to go back every week now! I've not done the society thing properly at uni and kind of wish I hadn't left it right till third year now!

I also thought I'd mention that I went to see Malory Towers on stage at HOME theatre this weekend! My mum, a family friend and my sisters both came up for it and while it's the craziest, most bizarre production I've ever seen I loved every bit of it, so much nostalgia was felt and it was lovely to spend time with the family which I hardly get to do at uni.

Getting back into the swing of it is hard but like I said on the Instagram story - we're gonna get there because that's what we do over here!

Em xx
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