December Bullet Journal

Thursday, 6 December 2018

This month's bullet a mixed bag. I'm not quite as keen on it as I was on November's but hey ho, I tried my best and thought it only fair to give you a sneak peek like I always do anyway!!

Again I used AmandaRachLee's December bullet journal video for inspiration, I really loved the hanging bauble idea she had for the title page so I did the same - I actually cut mine from white paper first though since I find Crayola Supertips bleed though Leuchtturm paper reeeeally easily and makes it so hard to do anything on the next page. I also used silver accents instead of gold but the effect still works well in my opinion.

I kept my calendar layout really simple this year, very different to last year's extremely busy and all over the place layout! December this year also spans six weeks rather than five like most months, so that also limited my space. I didn't put in my monthly goals section like normal since I just don't use it, but I used the space to do another little ornament doodle, write December in some fancy lettering and then did a big ol' "tis the season' at the bottom. My growth tracker is still there as I really want to upload more this month so tracking my progress is very helpful.

The next two spreads are very normal for me, my habit tracker which I STILL am terrible at filling in!! And then my video and blogpost ideas lists. The weird little squiggle on the habit tracker page is supposed to be fairy lights but they didn't turn out quite that way. It looks kinda cute if you don't look for too long I suppose!! I wanted to have a bit of winter in this month's spreads too so added some snowflake doodles and used more of a wintery colour. Also, here's a sneaky peek into some of the content I've got planned this month!

And then onto my very plain, very ordinary weekly spread. As I said in my last post, this layout doesn't really change and I really do love it like this - it just lets me see everything really well and it just works the best for me and my needs every week. The meal plan helps me eat properly and then if I have a weekly events list on the side I can just glance at that for what's on each day, and then that saves so much more space in the daily parts for to-do lists - as you can see, I'm a bit chocka at the moment with assignment prep and a chalkboard commission I'm doing so it really is working perfectly for me at the moment.

Aaaaand that's the end of my December bullet journal!! I know it's not as exciting as other months but it's perfect and simple enough for me, and as always here's the list of the products I used to create this spread:

- Faber Castell Ecco Pigment 0.3mm fineliner
- Crayola Supertips 
- Pentel Fude Touch sign pen
- Faber Castell silver PITT artist pen
- Leuchtturm 1917 dotted a5 journal

What do your December bullet journals look like?

Em xx

Life In October & Not Really November Goals

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Greetings pals and happy November!! I kind of can't believe how quick October went, I seemed to blink and it was over!!

Uni got into serious full swing over October - if you've seen my November bullet journal post you'll have seen how long my to-do list is for reading week, and honestly aside from that I can't really think of what life in October was like? I can honestly say though that I finally feel like I've reached a level of contentment this month and that's possibly due to the fact that ya gal is officially no longer single as of the 16th October! Yes, me and my T-dog made things official and I'm just very happy and very comfortable - nothing has ever felt more right to me and yeah, that side of life is pretty sick right now (and yes, I did use the word 'sick' completely un-ironically). I'm just feeling a lot like myself again and it feels good. (And no bike accidents this month either!!). Rhiannon and I also went to the Jeffree Star x BeautyBay Can't Relate Tour which was such a cool event and some clips will be in my October vlog up soon on my YouTube!

Other than that, October didn't really bring that much, apart from new season Riverdale (I'm honestly really enjoying it - I know a lot of people aren't happy with the supernatural turn it's taken but I'm quite into it!) and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina which again, I'm loving - I didn't ever watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch and I'm really liking it! I also started reading more again, this month's book being Fault Line by Robert Goddard - I'm not so into crime novels but I've accidentally got myself writing a murder mystery for my script class so I figured I should probably try and get the gist of how to actually write a thriller! I also tried my hand at pumpkin carving for the first time ever (yeah, I'm not even kidding - I've never carved a pumpkin before!) with my housemate and best friend Rhiannon and her boyfriend and...needless to say my attempts at carving Waluigi into a pumpkin did not work. Rhiannon's Isabelle was insane though.

I'm not sure what November will bring - I'm not the best at setting monthly goals because honestly, I never keep to them, which is why you'll notice I've slightly edited the 'November goals' bit of the title. I think this month I'm just going to try harder. Try harder to keep on top of stuff, use the extra time I have for my blog and YouTube, and just try a little harder with the things I used to love. I'm terrible at keeping to personal goals so stripping it right down to basics might help? Like I said, I'm feeling more myself than I've felt in so long at the moment so I'm guessing it might make it a bit easier to write and create things. Possibly. We'll see. (that being said, thought I should say thank you for sticking by me through all my messiness - it truly means the world)

What did your October look like?

Em xx

November Bullet Journal Update

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

It has been a hot minute since I posted a bullet journal update on this blog, and to be honest it's been a hot minute since I posted at all - my plans to post more in October kinda went out the window, huh? Writing for me is funny because sometimes I'm really in a productive mood and other times I just have no ideas and nowhere to start and no pictures, but I'm slowly getting through that.

This month's bullet journal actually turned out surprisingly well - I used AmandaRachLee's video for inspiration on the designs and colours, and the fact I treated myself to three new Tombow dual brush pens seriously helped out. I gave myself basically an entire afternoon to work on it yesterday and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

I entirely messed up the photos for this and took them all vertically - I left my camera in Manchester (I'm at home for reading week) and had to take them on my phone - I love how they came out but didn't realise until now they'd look a bit weird in a blogpost as they're vertical!! Oh well, you can still get the point I guess 😂

My title page is honestly the cutest thing ever - like I said I followed this Amanda Rach Lee video and put my own style on it and I just love it. I sketched it all out in pencil first, did the outlines with my Faber Castell Ecco Pigment 0.3mm fineliner (which I seriously need to replace) and then filled them in with my new Tombows which are 026 Yellow Gold, 947 Burnt Sienna and 192 Asparagus. I think this combination of colours is possibly one of my favourites, it's so cosy and gives me a lot of vibes and now I'm just chatting shite about colours? Love a good ramble.

I kept my calendar layout the same as always, just 3x3cm boxes and then the header which I drew a cute little scarf for, All the calligraphy on this page is with my beloved Pentel Fude Touch pen which is actually finally running out of beans, it needs replacing and breaks my heart but it means I could also treat myself to a few new Tombows and a different colour too so am I really complaining?! Just so you know as well, I draw everything freehand after measuring out the box sizes with a ruler - I don't bother using a ruler for straight lines as I quite like the sort of homemade/hand-drawn look that freehand straight lines give and I feel like I've mastered the art of not needing a ruler at this point which is a pretty cool talent I must say. Again I put my November growth tracker at the bottom for my YouTube and also did some more leaf and acorn doodles around the calendar.

My habit tracker is much the same as always, exactly the same layout as I just find it works for me. I used the 026 Tombow for the calligraphy at the top and outlined it with the Pilot G2 gel pen and that's the same pen I use to write in my journal as well. Back at it again with the acorn and leaf doodles, and then for my video/blogpost ideas page I used the same little scarf doodle for the title and it's just split in half between the two. Giving you a little sneak peek into some stuff I've got planned for November too which I'm excited about!

I am going to do an expense tracker as well, but I messed up the title really badly so I'm going to redo the page when I'm back in Manchester and I'm planning to do a separate post on how I track my finances and keep within my budget at university.

And this is my first weekly spread!! My ("slight" perfectionist) dad got a bit annoyed because he thought I should've put this week in my October section or split it up into two but then that messes with my page order and everything so instead I just decided to put the whole week in November's section. This weekly spread layout is a very standard one for me now, after a lot of trial and error I've discovered this works the best and suits all my needs during term time as I've got enough space to write a decent to-do list in each section, and then all my weekly events such as uni, appointments, meetings etc go in my events section to save space. I also have a water tracker which I'm terrible at filling in, and a meal plan section which obviously has a big ol' N/A through it this week as I'm at home so don't have to think about it, thank god! But it's a key part of my bullet journal during uni because otherwise I just don't eat properly!

As you can see, my to-do lists are HUGE this week as it's reading week so I'm catching up on notes and lectures and making sure everything is up to date, as well as starting to think about my end of term assessments, so it's all a bit hectic!! But it's also nice to find time just to sit and create, and at the end of the day that's what's going to motivate you to look at it more right?!

As always, here's a list of all the products I used to create these spreads...

- Leuchtturm 1917 A5 dotted journal (I have it in yellow)
- Tombow dual brush pens in 026, 047 and 192
- Faber Castell Ecco Pigment 0.3mm fineliner
- Pentel Fude Touch sign pen
- Pilot G2 gel pen 0.5mm
- Faber Castell PITT Artist pen in 251 silver

What do your November bullet journals look like?

Em xx

Changing Up My Instagram Editing For Autumn

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Hello hello hello and welcome to another post!! I thought it would be kinda cool to talk about how I'm editing my photos on Instagram these days and what sort of things I do to get a nice lil autumnal feed going on (yes, I'm aware my feed is mostly a bit of a mess but still!!!). Just wanted to say before I jump into this that I literally don't have a clue what I'm doing, I honestly just fiddled around with some colour settings until I found a preset that worked with me. (I'm hoping the guy I'm dating doesn't read this cos he knows a lot about editing and Photoshop and stuff and I'm honestly clueless) (if anything in this post is wrong or you think I could be doing something differently please tell me because I seriously don't know)

Life In September & October Goals

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Whew. Once again, long time no speak. Or long time no read, perhaps? Anyway, just long time no whatever once again.

September. What. A. Month.

I mean it. It's been one of those months - an absolute rollercoaster. It started off with a beautiful few days in Paris with my best friend and housemate Rhiannon (you can read all about it here and here!) which was the best time ever. We headed back to Manchester straightaway to just settle into our new house and have a bit of time before getting stuck back into uni - I had my library training and then started the job during Freshers' which has gone really well, I've had so much fun and met so many interesting people doing it so it's been a really great experience. I've only had a week of proper lectures but it's going great so far, I'm on an American Spaces module that I wasn't too enthused about but after an entire session I'm feeling much better about it - my tutor is super enthusiastic and the units seem really fun. My film module looks the best so far, we're studying musicals next week which as you can guess it's a dream come true for me.

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